Beni’s Trattoria

Welcome to Beni’s!

Tucked right in the heart of Stony Point is a beloved hometown secret in Beni’s Trattoria. Our newly renovated venue is home to some of the finest dining anywhere in the area. Years of Beni’s Trattoria secret family recipes are brought to life in beautiful fashion with delicious dishes, seasoned to perfection. Each item on our menu is carefully handcrafted to be absolutely exquisite, providing us legion of loyal and loving customers. Our esteemed menu offerings aren’t the only gifts to our cherished customers. A fitting meal is only enhanced by a dedicated staff and our wonderful waiters ensure a wonderfully comfortable experience for all of our guests. Upon entering Beni’s Trattoria, you’re immediately enveloped in a warm and inviting atmosphere with a staff that makes each experience equally as fun and enjoyable as it is appetizing. Amazement isn’t an ideal here at Beni’s Trattoria; it’s a standard.

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    Our experience is amazing every time we visit Beni's Trattoria. The food is excellent and the service is timely and well-mannered. It's definitely one of the best restaurants in Stony Point.